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3 words – What/How/When

What is the purpose of creation customize happy birthday cake cards?

The purpose of creating customize cards for wishing your love-one from any where of the world with some unique features from any device (desktop/tablet/mobile).

How to create your customize happy birthday cake cards?

Customize card building steps :

Steps 1 : Select any image and click on the image reach the post page.

Step 2 : Here you will get two options either directly share by expanding share button and then share the image.

Step 3 : Advance option to edit the image click on

Step 4 : Now to add the text click button

Step 5 : Text can editable, draggable, resizable, rotatable.

Step 6 : Change the text color top of the editor right corner palate need to click and change color.

Step 7 : Change the default font-family, font-weight & font-style from drop-downs.

Step 8 : Get your stickers by clicking button – then click the tabs and click the selected stickers .

Step 10 : Traverse your stickers by using Next or Previous buttons.

Step 11 : Image also draggable, resizable, rotatable.

Step 12 : Click button to delete any sticker or text from editor.

Step 13 : To build your final card click button.

Step 14 : To download your final card click button

Step 15 : Finally share with social media as per your choice by click the any button

Step 16 : To rebuild same card click button.

Congrats!! you are done…

**You can skip any step and directly click build button and generate final card.

When you can share the customized cards to your dear one?

You can share to wish your dear friend,sister,brother,other,wife,dad’s birth day by making your own customized card.

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